Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween links and to-do list

Behind the Couch is enjoyable. They review new horror and revisit old scenes. Check out this post on one of my favorite movies, Halloween.

Just discovered It All Happens in the Dark this morning. Movie reviews. I also like their take on the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween, but you saw that coming.

Neil Gaiman thinks we should give each other scary books. I couldn't agree more.

The cheesy movie channel A. and I get (non-cable and out of Waco; it's usually heavily edited) is showing ridiculous things like Ghoulies I and II and weird Vincent Price exploding-bikini (I think?) movies. What should I watch instead? Recommendations? I still have this list, but what do you think?

Anyway, here's my Halloween to-do list:

-Make ginger snaps.
-Re-read bits of Danse Macabre.
-Find a pumpkin.
-Carve above pumpkin.
-Throw together hasty costume for last-minute Halloween party. (Note: should not be a costume of the Sexy Blah-blah variety.)
-Throw together hasty costume for dog.
-Laugh at dog and take many, many pictures.
-Make a crockpot of spiced cider. (As usual, my holiday plans revolve around food. Maybe I'll make corndogs, too! Because corndogs are totally Halloween!)
-Listen to Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone read Edgar Allan Poe.
-Light candles.

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