Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happiest/Hauntingest Month of the Year

It's October! October is a wonderful month. Not only is the weather gorgeous with stark, achingly blue skies and crisp fresh air - even down here in Texas, we've finally hit the fifties-sixties and I am back to happily shrouding myself in layers and cardigans and fuzzy knee socks - but it's Spooky Halloween Month! The perfect excuse to watch scary or silly movies, AKA most of Vincent Price's glorious repertoire. And I just discovered today that one of his oldies I've been haunting the rental places for is up on youtube. Witchfinder General, anyone?

There is trouble coming to this village...VINCENT PRICE TROUBLE, that is.

His hat is the best hat ever. Reminds me of Solomon Kane's. Which I suppose is the point, given it's a movie about horrible witch trial inquisitors/torturers in...England? I'm not sure, I was drinking wine. It might be early America. Again, I cite the hat. What do you think, internet historians?

In other news, I've been reading voraciously the past few weeks. Probably the heads-up that I'm reading stuff should not be considered news ever again, but whaddayougonna do? Currently tamping down my slowest-read-ever Anna Karenina are The Monstrumologist, The Mockingbirds, The Franklin Affair, A Live Coal in the Sea (which I mostly chose for its title, thanks, Ms. L'Engle), and the Echo comics. Due to my experiences today, I highly recommend The Monstrumologist for any and all dental visits. Trust me. I sat reading in the dreaded dental chair and waited for my doc to get done with another patient, and by the time he finally showed up, well. I was an incredible contradictory mixture of aghast and mellow. Again, trust me. Five chapters into that book and you will fear no drill. A caveat, though, I have had to stop reading it before bed.

So, to reiterate:
Evil Pilgrim Vincent Price=good
The Monstrumologist, pre-dentist=good
The Monstrumologist, pre-sleep/dreams/horrifying somniloquy and/or creaky stairs=not so good
Anna Karenina=still unfinished

Happy October!

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