Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OBSTINATE, HEADstrong girl.

Finally started The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin this weekend, and as usual, by the third page, I am having a few feelings. (Not feels, tumblr. FEELINGS.)

1. Yes, I should have read this a few years ago when it was first recommended me.
2. This might be one of those books that I buy for people.
(2addendum. It's hard to tell when you're still in the early chapters. But I think I can tell. So some of you out there might get this for Christmas/Hanukah/that cold time of year/etc. Gird up your loins.)
3. Holy shit, can this woman write.

My book pile is towering right now, but I am very happy I skipped ahead to this one.

In other news I recently bought some face powder, in the event that a job interview and an unpleasant chin acne outbreak have coincided. I felt almost dirty perusing the Cover Girl and Maybelline and Revlon. And the prices! At the cheapest drugstore prices (yeah, that's right, only the best for me!) it was eight bucks for a shiny plastic compact, a teensy powder puff, and a tiny beige cake of powder. Inflation can't explain it. Perhaps there's been startling cosmetic advances, or the going rates for makeup-testing bunnies have skyrocketed. It's been about six years since I've bought any makeup other than sparkly nail polish or mascara, so I really wouldn't know.

I also bought a suit. Suits generally make me look like a less charming, female version of Charlie Chaplin, when what I really want to look like is this:

Be honest. Doesn't everybody?

I did find a halfway suitable (ha HA) one. It's not Ms. Grier's, but hey. Her being Pam Grier is part of what makes that suit. But it doesn't make me look like the Little Tramp, either, so that's nice.

Hmmm, now I want to have a Jackie Brown/City Lights double feature.

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